Thursday, April 30, 2009

First look at Iron Man 2

USA Today has posted the first look at Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2 (above), as well as director Jon Favreau's comments on the sequel's themes.

The sequel began shooting three weeks ago in and around Los Angeles and opens May 7, 2010. It takes place six months after Stark revealed his identity as Iron Man, Favreau told the newspaper.

"How many superheroes are open about their true identities?" he asks. "We wanted to play with that idea. But it obviously has consequences—in his relationships, on the team. There are a lot of areas we can explore."

Star Trek's Chris Pine on how he took over the role of James Kirk

Chris Pine, who takes on the iconic role of James T. Kirk in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek, told SCI FI Wire that the main challenge in rebooting the franchise was to create a first adventure that appealed to longtime fans and also brought new fans into the fold.

Pine steps into William Shatner's boots in the May 8 release, playing a young version of Kirk. In the film, Kirk begins to emerge as the man who'll become a legendary Starfleet captain and barrels into action with the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, which includes Spock (Zachary Quinto), Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) and Uhura (Zoe Saldana).

Earlier this week, Pine told a roomful of reporters that he met Shatner for the first time only on Saturday at a charity event. "I saw Bill last night for the first time, actually, at his charity show in Burbank," Pine said Sunday at a news conference in Beverly Hills, Calif. "And he was very kind. I mean, it was a very short meeting, he had a lot of people to see and it was a big event that had been taking place all day. But my interaction with him has only been really wonderful. I mean, I sent him a letter early on in the process and ... explained to him who I was. ... Who [is] this punk kid was who was taking over, at least for the time being, the role? And he was very kind and wished me all the luck in the world. Leonard [Nimoy] was the same way. There was a wonderful feeling of handing over the mantle ... to us. ... It was more about ... allowing us the freedom to make these characters our own without having any feelings of weight and expectation and responsibility."

SCI FI Wire spoke to Pine in an exclusive telephone interview last month. Following are edited excerpts from the first part of our exclusive two-part interview. Star Trek opens May 8. (Spoilers ahead!)

What was your sense of how J.J. Abrams went about pulling off the dual task of pleasing the diehard fans and making new fans?

Pine: Thank God we had a great general's council behind the film. That consisted of J.J., who is the self-professed non-fan. On the other end of the spectrum you have people of [ci-writer] Bob Orci and [producer] Damon Lindelof, who are avid, passionate fans and protectors of canon. I think with that came a great, great balance. One of J.J.'s wonderful attributes is that he's not precious about anything. So he's not a dictator on set.
A hundred heads are better than one...

Pine: If certain things needed to be cut, if a scene needed to move because the pace wasn't working, if an actor needed a certain thing, if a part of canon had to be sacrificed just to make the scene work better, then J.J. would be the one to do that, but then you had these other voices on the council that were [helping Abrams] find that balance between what was needed in the scene, what would, again, appease and work for the fans, what would make fans smile, what would make fans happy, but also never becoming too precious about it that it sacrificed the integrity of the story that we were trying to tell.

What, if anything, did you choose to borrow anything from Shatner?

Pine: J.J. and I... Well, J.J. and every person that was taking over for one of these legendary actors talked about the ways in which we could pay homage to what had been done before, but pay homage while not mimicking. So there was a discussion about how to take the scalpel and which parts to take from the original versions. And I think it comes across. Hopefully, knock wood, it comes across more nuance than beating people over the head. This is not Mr. Shatner's portrayal. But there were certain things. I remember watching the original series and being struck by certain parts of his physicality, and little things about how he walked across the deck of ship, screwy little things that I wanted to pay tribute to.
(For his part, Abrams repeated that he the filmmakers were unable to find a role for William Shatner in the new film that satisfied both him and the demands of their story. "We had a scene with him in there that we wrote," Abrams said in a news conference on Sunday. "It was sort of a flashback thing, but Bill made it clear he didn't just want to do a cameo. So we ended up realizing that we would have to change the whole story and bring him back to life and make it different. We had to bite the bullet and say, this communication is more about Shatner. But we would have loved to have worked with him.")

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First image of Leonard Nimoy as Fringe's William Bell

TV Addict has posted the first image of Leonard Nimoy as the mysterious William Bell in Fox's sci-fi series Fringe. Click through to see the full image.
Nimoy's Bell appears in the upcoming first-season finale, which airs May 12. Fringe aris Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Christian Bale talks Batman 3

Christian Bale, star of next month's Terminator Salvation, discussed Heath Ledger's Oscar win and the future of the Batman franchise with the editors of Total Film magazine.

"Will we do a third movie?" said Bale. "It's got to be the right story. You can't make something like The Dark Knight and then come out with something disappointing.
"I would like it if people say, 'You'll never make a good third movie.' I say, 'OK, let's make a third movie in that case, let's prove them wrong.' But that's just me. The fact is, I have to! I've signed up!"

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Leonard Nimoy tells us why he came back to Star Trek

Leonard Nimoy, who reprises his most famous role in J.J. Abrams' upcoming Star Trek, told SCI FI Wire that he's pleased to return to the franchise that at one point seemed to be done with him. (Possible spoilers ahead!)

"I don't think I ever said that I was done with Star Trek," Nimoy said in an exclusive interview a few weeks ago. "I think that Star Trek was kind of done with me for a while. I acted in the first six films. I directed two of them. I wrote story for two of them. I produced one of them. I was very, very active in the first six films. When the next film came [Star Trek: Generations] along, there was no role for Spock. And they killed Kirk. So one would have to ask the makers of those films, and the next few, why I was not involved. I was never offered anything that was like a Spock role. I was asked to direct the seventh film. I didn't think much of the script, and I passed."

But Abrams came to Nimoy with more than a cameo role, and it was enough to entice Nimoy out of semi-retirement. "In this particular case, they came to me with an idea that really valued the Spock character, valued my presence, gave me a role to play that I felt was worth coming back for, and I came back," he said. "So I don't think I ever turned my back on Star Trek. I think I was just allowed to drift away."

In Star Trek, Nimoy plays an older version of the character—dubbed "Spock Prime" in the script by Transformers writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman—that goes back to the first meeting of James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), young Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the rest of the crew of the starship Enterprise.

We spoke to Nimoy exclusively about Star Trek. Following is the first part of our two-part interview. The second part posts tomorrow. Star Trek opens May 8.

J.J.'s been talking about the movie lately, and we wanted to know from your perspective what makes his movie a Star Trek movie, and how is it going to be different from what's come before?
Nimoy: Well, we haven't seen this bringing together of the original crew before. It's a story that's never been told. And I think it's told very, very well. ... I'm talking about the original crew members—Kirk and Spock and McCoy and Uhura and Sulu and Scotty—all coming together for the first time, coming out of Starfleet Academy and being assigned in various ways to various ships and ending up together on the Enterprise is a story that's never been told. How they all came together, how they came to be the crew of the Enterprise. And I think it's very well told, and I think the actors are doing a wonderful job, and I think the script really captures the essence of those characters and brings them together in a very entertaining, very exciting way. So I think that's all very new.

What specifically do you feel are essential elements to make Star Trek feel like Star Trek?
Nimoy: The crew is a wonderful mix of chemistries, and I think that's been captured in this movie. The relationships, the way these relationships are established, the different kinds of people that they are and the different functions that they serve and the way that they come together to become a unit. I think really captures the essence of what the original crew was all about when we saw Star Trek in the original series.

Roberto Orci, as well as J.J., have been quoted as saying that the new film will be a little bit more rock and roll. Do you know what they mean by that?

Nimoy: Well, it certainly is a larger production than any Star Trek movie we've seen before. More adventure than we've seen before, and on a larger scale. I don't know how else to describe it. It's a big adventure, a very big adventure. Very ambitious in its size. And I think that some of the previous films have had a certain amount of size, but this picture has a budget that allows it to go much further than any other previous film.
I think also they were speaking kind of about the pace of the film.
Nimoy: Yeah, that too, yeah. No question about it. Look, when you're on a smaller budget, you tend to stay on certain scenes longer, you tend to stay on dialogue scenes longer with the actors. You tend to stay in less sets. This picture has more sets, more action, larger [more] ships, larger experiences, larger adventures, because the appetite of the filmmakers is larger and they were given a larger budget to do it with. I think it's a wonderful movie. ... It's a very exciting film. ...
What was it specifically about the reappearance of Spock that brought you back?

Nimoy: The role is a functional role in the show. It's not a cameo. It's a role that's specifically written for Spock and for Spock's place in the Star Trek story. So that makes it attractive and worthwhile to me. I had not been offered a role like that since the first six Star Trek movies.
What do you think of Zachary Quinto, who plays the younger version of your character?
Nimoy: I think very highly of Zack Quinto. I think he's a very good actor. What I've seen of the movie, I think he does a wonderful job, as does the rest of the crew. I think they're all very, very good in their roles.

Do you see some of your performance in Zachary's performance? Or is it a different kind of interpretation of the same character?

Nimoy: Well, you know, it's the same character in name, but you must remember that the Spock that he's playing is a Spock that existed before the Spock that I played. He was younger, not quite so experienced, and therefore somewhat different. He's the Spock that arrives off of his home planet of Vulcan and goes to the Federation for the first time. And that's ... a somewhat different character than what you saw me play in the Star Trek original series. By the time we get into the series, my Spock was a little bit more mature, a little bit different. ...
One of the things that struck me about Zach's performance was that he is more volatile a character than we were used to seeing.

Nimoy: Well, that's interesting, that's interesting. I think you may be right, and I think that points to what I said before: that it hasn't quite arrived as the Spock that I was playing in the original series. He's younger than that, and not quite as seasoned.

Tomorrow: Nimoy speaks about putting the pointed ears back on and slipping back into the character of Spock.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Are UFOs real? Famous people who believed

The former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell has claimed that aliens exist and their visits are being covered up by the United States government. Mitchell is in good company in his beliefs. Here we highlight 12 other public figures who believe that extraterrestrials may have been visiting our planet over the last 100 years.
Jimmy Carter, US President from 1976 to 1980, promised while on the campaign trail that he would make public all documents on UFOs if elected. He said: "I don't laugh at people any more when they say they've seen UFOs. I've seen one myself."

General Douglas MacArthur, the Korean and Second World War soldier, said in 1955 that "the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets. The politics of the future will be cosmic, or interplanetary".
J Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI from its inception in 1935 to 1972, said of a famous incident when flying saucers were allegedly fired at over Los Angeles in 1942: "We must insist upon full access to disks recovered. For instance, in the LA case the Army grabbed it and would not let us have it for cursory examination."

Monsignor Corrado Balducci, a Vatican theologian, said: "Extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon. The Vatican is receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its embassies in various countries, such as Mexico, Chile and Venezuela."

Professor Stephen Hawking: "Of course it is possible that UFO's really do contain aliens as many people believe, and the Government is hushing it up."

Dr. Herman Oberth, a Nazi rocket engineer who was taken to the US after the war and became one of the fathers of modern spaceflight, said: "It is my thesis that flying saucers are real and that they are spaceships from another solar system.There is no doubt in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident that they do not originate in our solar system."

Dr J Allen Hynek, director of the US Air Force's Project Blue Book investigation into UFOs, said: "When the long-awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science, but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap... we had a job to do, whether right or wrong, to keep the public from getting excited."
Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding, commander of RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain: "I am convinced that these objects do exist and that they are not manufactured by any nations on earth."

Ronald Reagan, US President from 1980 to 1988, "I looked out the window and saw this white light.It was zigzagging around. I went up to the pilot and said, 'Have you ever seen anything like that?' He was shocked and he said, 'nope.' And I said to him: 'Let's follow it!' We followed it for several minutes. It was a bright white light.We followed it to Bakersfield, and all of a sudden to our utter amazement it went straight up into the heavens. When I got off the plane I told Nancy all about it."

Mikhail Gorbachev, the USSR's last head of state: "The phenomenon of UFOs does exist, and it must be treated seriously."

Richard Nixon, US President from 1969 to 1974: "I'm not at liberty to discuss the government's knowledge of extraterrestrial UFO's at this time. I am still personally being briefed on the subject."

Dr. Walther Riedel, research director at the Nazi rocket research establishement at Peenemunde: "I am completely convinced that UFOs have an out-of-world basis."

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Stargate Universe

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…." was a tagline that brought the concept of SciFi into the mainstream and opened up our world and our imaginations. In the three decades following the launch of the Star Wars franchise, we have seen many incarnations of Science Fiction series come and many more go. Series like Star Trek, Babylon 5, FireFly, Battlestar Galactica, Andromeda, Earth: Final Conflict and a slew of others. However, there exists one unique franchise which has remained a prevalent player in the SciFi space despite the demise of much of their competition.

The Stargate Universe as an entity has existed since 1994 and has since grown into a global dynasty encompassing a Movie, 2 television series, comics, books, audio books, games, toys and an assortment of FanFiction.

The Stargate Universe all began with the initial film, written by Dean Devlin and directed by Roland Emmerich. The film turned out to be a mega hit with worldwide sales of $196,600,000 and a $55,000,000 cost of production. The film was initially intended to be part of a multi-film franchise however, due to scheduling issues and differences in creative visions between Devlin/Emmerich and MGM, the initial vision was never carried out. It was in fact this disagreement that led to the studio execs evaluating other ways to capitalize on the success of the film.

The executives decided a television series would allow for long-lasting opportunities and with that Stargate SG-1 debuted on July 27, 1997 on the Showtime premium cable network. After seeing impressive ratings on Showtime, the studio wanted wider distribution and moved the series to the SciFi network where it immediately became a cult classic. The series led by Richard Dean Anderson of MacGyver fame lasted for a total of ten seasons and on average cost MGM $1,400,000 to shoot. By its final season, the show surpassed the ratings of big hits like X-Files and attaining the title of the longest running consecutive sci-fi series on television. After an incredible ten year run, Stargate SG-1 was discontinued in August of 200, but the franchise lived on as Stargate Atlantis.

Stargate Atlantis was created in 2004 as a two part season finale for season 8 entitled "Lost City". The plot involves a group of military forces and civilian scientists that travel to the Pegasus galaxy in search of the Lost City of Atlantis. In its current incarnation, the series has seen great success and has proven over the years to draw the same level of followers as SG-1.
The future of the Stargate Universe is scheduled to include two direct-to-DVD films being released later this year entitled "Stargate: The Ark of Truth" and "Stargate: Continuum". In addition, there was a 2006 Comic-con announcement by Stargate creator Dean Devlin that he is currently in talks with MGM to produce the final two films in the trilogy and leverage the talents of James Spader and Kurt Russel.

The series today stands out as a remarkable example of creativity and vision of a better future. The series is one that will live on in multiple incarnations moving forward as ling as it retains the excellent writing staff and an uncanny ability to explore current social and political issues in a unique way.

Author: Morgan Kelps

Friday, April 24, 2009

Eureka returns July 10; SCI FI unveils summer schedule

SCI FI announced a July 10 premiere date for the second half of Eureka's season three and said the show will move to Fridays at 9 p.m. ET/PT from its previous Tuesday timeslot.

SCI FI also unveiled its slate of Saturday-night summer movies, starring Jason Gedrick, James Marsters and Peta Wilson.

The channel previously announced the July 7 premiere of its new series Warehouse 13, which will debut with a two-hour premiere starting at 9 p.m.

Eureka returns with 10 new episodes, picking up where it left off, with Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) being removed from his job as Eureka's sheriff and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) announcing that she is expecting her recently deceased husband's baby.

Carter is also confronted by some challenging decisions on the home front where his daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is concerned and encounters a new love interest with the arrival of Dr. Tess Fontana (guest star Jaime Ray Newman), who will supervise the re-opening of Global Dynamics' infamous "Section 5."

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Fringe stars and producers reveal season-ending secrets

Anna Torv, who plays FBI agent Olivia Dunham on Fox's sci-fi series Fringe, told SCI FI Wire that by the season finale, her character's secret powers will become more clear—and she'll share some screen time with guest star Leonard Nimoy, playing the mysterious William Bell. (Spoilers ahead!)

Torv and her Fringe co-stars and producers spoke exclusively with SCI FI Wire about the show's final season-one episodes on Thursday night at the Paley Festival in Hollywood.

The end of April 21's episode, "Bad Dreams," showed a video of young Olivia in a burnt-out room after one of William Bell and Walter Bishop's Cortexiphan experiments. Is she just a firestarter?
"I think it's more than that," Torv said. "I think for Olivia it's more than that, and I say that only because there's an episode coming up where we meet another subject, and I think it's more than that. I think what they got given or what they got taught is much bigger than just starting fire."
In a separate interview that night, show runner and executive producer Jeff Pinkner offered more hints about what Olivia's secret power really is. "We saw the consequence," Pinkner said. "We saw that she started a fire at the end of the last episode, but I think it's a mistake to assume that that's her power. I think the truth is, it's probably a consequence of her ability."

Torv also confirmed her scene with Nimoy, adding that it's calm yet threatening. "That's what's kind of cool about working on Fringe, is everything seems kind of calm and lovely, but there's always something going on underneath," Torv said. "Where she meets him is the cooler question, but I'm not saying any more."

Joshua Jackson, who plays Peter Bishop, addressed the mysteries surrounding his character. Though he was part of some of Walter Bishop's experiments, the season finale will confirm that Peter was not part of the Cortexiphan experiments.
"There's a piece of information that gets revealed about Peter at the end that tells you why I think that," Jackson said in a separate interview. "It's the last thing that you learn. It's not something that Peter does. It's something that happens around him, and he's not even aware of, but the audience becomes aware of, and it sort of radically changes how you think about this guy."

On the matter of Peter, Pinkner revealed a much bigger question that will be asked in the finale. "'Is he Peter?' is a good question," Pinkner said. "'Is there only one Peter?' I think it's really exciting. We knew the secret of Peter before the season started, and it's been hinted at or sort of laid in in the architecture of the show since the pilot. We start to acknowledge to the audience what that secret is. He, Peter himself, will not learn the secret or one of the secrets at the end of this season, but we will."

John Noble, who plays Walter Bishop, described his work with Jackson in the finale. "I do a series of scenes with Josh Jackson at the end of that, which are really very beautiful," Noble said in a separate interview. "Walter has a manic attack, actually, which is quite scary. It's just the two of us. It's something I thought was really strong work. That's my favorite in the finale. It's pretty powerful."

Blair Brown is also returning for the final episodes of the show as Nina Sharp, the head of Massive Dynamic. Writer and producer Roberto Orci promised some answers for her character. "Well, you're going to find out what her connection is to the legend of legends, William Bell," Orci said in a separate interview. "Is she his protector? Is she his accomplice? Is she innocent?"

With a group of reporters, creator and producer J.J. Abrams compared the Fringe season finale to that of his other show on ABC. "Both Lost and Fringe, I think, give viewers a real jolt," Abrams said in a group interview on the red carpet. "I'm obviously proud to be associated with both."
Fringe airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.
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British UFO sightings on the rise

Reports of bright lights and mysterious hovering objects suggest Kent’s skies may be host to more than just the birds.Information released by the Ministry of Defence shows there have been 56 recorded sightings of UFOs over the county in the last decade, with 10 last year alone.Examples include a report of a huge disc-shaped object “approximately 20 times the size of an aeroplane” that was spotted flying above Rainham, and a bright orange upside-down light bulb shape hovering near Ashford.Other recorded sightings last year were not so detailed, with some members of the public notifying the MoD of UFOs without providing dates, times, locations or descriptions.Gerald Webb, 46, from Meopham, near Gravesend, spotted something strange in the sky above his home late last month.He did not report his sighting to the MoD and said he would not be surprised if the number of people who had seen UFOs in Kent was actually a great deal higher than official figures suggest.Mr Webb said: “I live at the top of a valley where there are no street lights and no houses, so on a cloudless night you can see the sky very clearly.“On this night I was looking out the patio window and I could see three orangey-red orbs flying in formation.“There was no noise at all and I thought ‘Oh blimey, what am I seeing?’. It was like something out of a Steven Spielberg film.“I went to the local pub to see if anybody else had seen it but they thought I had been smoking something. I think that’s why more people don’t report these types of things, because others look at you as if you’re a crank.“I later went on the internet and found that a couple of other people had seen the same as what I had, and one of them was from Beckenham. There must have been lots of other people who saw it too.”The number of UFO sightings throughout the UK has risen dramatically over the last few years, from 97 in 2006 to 285 last year.The figure of 10 in Kent was also the highest in 10 years.Nick Pope, the MoD’s former UFO project head, told the BBC the very fact the ministry was now publishing its files on sightings was generating interest in the phenomena.He added: “UFOs are a subject that almost everyone has an opinion on.“It is one of those great subjects which if you mention it down the pub, someone will claim to have seen one, another will claim it’s all a big Government cover-up and someone else will say it’s all a load of rubbish.”Nineteen files covering sightings between 1986 and 1992 were made available to view for the first time last October.They included a mysterious near-miss between a UFO and a passenger jet in the skies above Lydd.According to a report of the 1991 incident, the captain of the Alitalia airliner shouted to his co-pilot in surprise as a brown missile-shaped object shot past them overhead.

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Primeval movie in the works; 3rd season debuts on BBC America

Warner Brothers and Impossible Pictures are developing a feature film based on its sci-fi series Primeval, from the creators of Walking With Dinosaurs, for 2010, BBC America announced.
In the meantime, the third season of the hit British series debuts on BBC America on May 16 and will air Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The new season will feature new cast members, new monsters and special effects and a rare location shoot in London's British Museum.

Joining the cast are Jason Flemying and Laila Rouass. The new season also brings an unusual new monster designed entirely by a Primeval fan.At the start of the new season, Nick Cutter (Douglas Henshall) is still reeling from Stephen's death and the extent of his wife Helen's (Juliet Aubrey) betrayal. As he fights to refocus his embattled team, the anomalies continue to present an unrelenting series of threats. If the team thought the mammoth was a tough nemesis, then the giganotosaurus is truly epic. In addition, creatures steeped in ancient folklore begin to appear as it becomes clear that the origins of myths and legends are linked with the mysterious anomalies. From a pristichampus, a creature that bears a striking resemblance to the ancient Egyptian crocodile demon Ammut, to a dracorex being hunted by a deranged knight who's convinced it's a dragon he must slay, it seems everyone wants a bite of the action.
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Robert Rodriguez will helm a reboot movie called Predators is confirming a rumor, first reported by Bloody-Disgusting, that Sin City director Robert Rodriguez will reboot the Predator franchise with a new film, Predators, for 20th Century Fox.

Rodriguez will produce and direct the reboot, he told a news conference today at Troublemaker Studios, where Texas state politicians were in attendance to sign HB 873, the long-awaited reform of the Texas film incentive program.

"I'm going to be able to shoot my upcoming Machete here, a sci-fi action film called Nervewrackers, a reboot of the Predator series called Predators and a couple of smaller movies called Sin City 2 and The Jetsons," Rodriguez told reporters.

Here's how Bloody-Disgusting described Predators: "In the reboot, a team of commandoes face down a mysterious race of vicious monsters."
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Which sci-fi TV pilots will live and which will die? We take a look

directed by Alex Graves (Fringe). Day One stars Julie Gonzalo, David Lyons, Carly Pope, Adam Campbell, Thekla Reuten, Derek Mio, Addison Timlin and Catherine Dent.

Will Day One get a day two? Chances are promising. Day One was specifically announced by NBC as a possibility to take over Heroes' Monday timeslot.

But don't forget ... That pesky Jay Leno will be taking over five prime-time hours a week come fall, and there's only a handful of dramas are going to make it onto the schedule. And one other little tidbit ... This sounds an awfully lot like Jericho.

V Alien visitors come to Earth with promises of peace and technological advancements. Unfortunately, they are liars. And that's one of their better qualities. When a human agent discovers that the visitors have sinister motives, it leads her to join the growing human resistance movement. Based on the 1983 miniseries, V. This re-imaging comes from Scott Peters, the creator of The 4400, and stars Firefly's Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf, Elizabeth Mitchell, 4400's Joel Gretsch, Morris Chestnut and Smallville's Laura Vandervoort.

Will V invade our television sets? Possibly. The miniseries was a blast, with fun alien bad guys whose humanity only ran skin deep. If this V can hang on to some of that fun factor—remember those live-mouse snacks?—it has potential.

Unfortunately ... We remember the 1984 television series that came after the miniseries. It was bad.

Eastwick This dramedy mixes Desperate Housewives with a little devilish fun when three modern-day women discover they have magical powers. Based on John Updike's novel and the 1987 film, The Witches of Eastwick. Eastwick was written by Maggie Friedman (Jack & Bobby) and directed by the amazing David Nutter, who has helmed an astonishing number of pilots that made it to series. It stars Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman, Sara Rue and Veronica Cartwright.

Will Eastwick cast a spell? It's looking good. Eastwick is the women of Wisteria Lane with magic. What's not to love?
But ... What worked as a movie with an all-star cast might not work on television. Still, this incarnation of Updike's novel has a good chance of getting a time slot come fall.

***What You Resist Persists***...........Thursday April 23, 2009

It is posssible that some of you have heard this phrase before. Whether you understood it or not is a different story. Nobody that I know ever consciously choosed to bring hardship and dispair upon themselves yet in some cases this becomes a necessary part of this dynamic.

Look, everyone has good days and bad days, however the most difficult part of this experience is finding a way to make the bad days go by faster and disappear a.s.a.p. We all know that deep dark pressure that eminates from the pit of our stomach when we are faced with stressful situations, yet most of the time we do more harm than good in getting rid of them.

One of the keys to this condition is to totally and fully experience these emotions. Yes, I am asking you to feel sorrow completelly when you are sorriful and sad when faced with great and overpowering sadness. The more you let yourself go through this process the sooner it will change. What it changes to is up to you, but it won't remain the same as long as you are letting it run its course.

Part of the resistance that we put on ourselves is to push the bad emotions down inside of ourselves rather than feel them. This is poisonous to you psyche and will cause these emotions to gain immense strength the next time they surface. Now you risk the chance of them taking on a form other than the original conditon displayed. You most likely will be making it easier to lash out on an unsuspecting friend or acquaintance who somehow triggers your response.

Nobody wants to have to go back an apologize for their negative actions, especially when they could have been much less damaging if only you had allowed yourself to go through the emotions from the beginning. Remember it is easier to say; "I just need some space, I am going through something right now", then to have to say; "Man I am so sorry for what I said to you before, I really didn't mean to do that".

Let it up and let it be!!!!

Thank you.

Latest on Terminator: Arnold now saying he'll be back

In the latest "will he or won't he" report, the Los Angeles Times quotes California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger as saying he may in fact appear in McG's upcoming Terminator Salvation.
That is, if he doesn't actually have to do it himself.

Let's clarify: Warner Brothers is reportedly exploring whether it can insert images of Schwarzenegger from the original Terminator movie into the new film as the original T-800 cyborg.

Schwarzenegger told blogger Bill Bradley, who asked some questions of his own and others submitted via Twitter, that he had met with the director and agreed to be in the movie as long as he didn't have to perform."I made it very clear that I don't have the time to do the movie," Schwarzenegger reportedly said. "I said that I would be willing to be in the movie if they get the technology together, and so they are working on that right now."

We've previously reported that it's possible Schwarzenegger's visage could be digitally imposed on the body of another actor or that his face could appear in some other way.

Stay tuned ... Terminator Salvation opens May 21.

***Go With Your Gut***.....Wednesday April 22, 2009

So many crossroads, so many decisions, so many twists and turns make up our daily lives. Which is the best way to go? I have always found that if I go with my "gut" then more often than not I will arrive at the best decision.

Even these statement confuse some people who have not trained themselves how to listen to their "gut" yet. It isn't as easy as it sounds because we are always in competition with that little voice in the back of our case you don't know which voice, it's the one that just said; "which voice?" The battle, at times, can be quite fierce. When your head wins you have a greater chance of losing.

Sceptics might say that all of this is just a bunch of garbage and all you have to do is to sit down and take the most logical path. The most logical path is what we all strive for yet it is the getting there that is sometimes the challenge. At times you can include a little, and I mean little, bit of what you heart tells you along with your gut and you will do just fine. Be careful though because your heart most of the time listens to that voice.

Now that I have completely confused you I just want to say that if you stay true to yourself and what you represent in your world you will do just fine. Don't compromise your ideals or your core beliefs, unless they have led you astray before. Be honest, truthful and when necessary call upon your support network for input. Sometimes when they speak it will send you right back to what you thought in the first place...............Good Luck!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

.Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet

HATFIELD, England – In the search for Earth-like planets, astronomers zeroed in Tuesday on two places that look awfully familiar to home. One is close to the right size. The other is in the right place. European researchers said they not only found the smallest exoplanet ever, called Gliese 581 e, but realized that a neighboring planet discovered earlier, Gliese 581 d, was in the prime habitable zone for potential life.

"The Holy Grail of current exoplanet research is the detection of a rocky, Earth-like planet in the 'habitable zone,'" said Michel Mayor, an astrophysicist at Geneva University in Switzerland.

An American expert called the discovery of the tiny planet "extraordinary."
Gliese 581 e is only 1.9 times the size of Earth — while previous planets found outside our solar system are closer to the size of massive Jupiter, which NASA says could swallow more than 1,000 Earths.

Gliese 581 e sits close to the nearest star, making it too hot to support life. Still, Mayor said its discovery in a solar system 20 1/2 light years away from Earth is a "good example that we are progressing in the detection of Earth-like planets."

Scientists also discovered that the orbit of planet Gliese 581 d, which was found in 2007, was located within the "habitable zone" — a region around a sun-like star that would allow water to be liquid on the planet's surface, Mayor said.

He spoke at a news conference Tuesday at the University of Hertfordshire during the European Week of Astronomy and Space Science.

Gliese 581 d is probably too large to be made only of rocky material, fellow astronomer and team member Stephane Udry said, adding it was possible the planet had a "large and deep" ocean.
"It is the first serious 'water-world' candidate," Udry said.

Mayor's main planet-hunting competitor, Geoff Marcy of the University of California, Berkeley, praised the find of Gliese 581 e as "the most exciting discovery" so far of exoplanets — planets outside our solar system.

"This discovery is absolutely extraordinary," Marcy told The Associated Press by e-mail, calling the discoveries a significant step in the search for Earth-like planets.

While Gliese 581 e is too hot for life "it shows that nature makes such small planets, probably in large numbers," Marcy commented. "Surely the galaxy contains tens of billions of planets like the small, Earth-mass one announced here."

Nearly 350 planets have been found outside our solar system, but so far nearly every one of them was found to be extremely unlikely to harbor life.

Most were too close or too far from their sun, making them too hot or too cold for life. Others were too big and likely to be uninhabitable gas giants like Jupiter. Those that are too small are highly difficult to detect in the first place.

Both Gliese 581 d and Gliese 581 e are located in constellation Libra and orbit around Gliese 581.
Like other planets circling that star — scientists have discovered four so far — Gliese 581 e was found using the European Southern Observatory's telescope in La Silla, Chile.

The telescope has a special instrument which splits light to find wobbles in different wavelengths. Those wobbles can reveal the existence of other worlds.

"It is great work and shows the potential of this detection method," said Lisa Kaltenegger, an astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Sam Raimi to meet with Kirsten Dunst about Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi told reporters that he will meet with Kirsten Dunst soon to talk about her reprising the role of Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming fourth installment of the superhero franchise.

"I'm hoping that she is going to come aboard, and I've got a meeting coming up with her," Raimi said in a group interview last week in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting his upcoming horror film Drag Me to Hell. "I think she would like to. But I don't want to speak on behalf of her."

Following is an edited version of our interview with Raimi, who also talked about a proposed new Evil Dead movie. Drag Me to Hell opens May 29. Spider-Man 4 is eyeing a May 6, 2011, release.
With the advent of The Dark Knight and Watchmen, do you expect that the Spider-Man 4 will be a little darker and edgier, too?

Raimi: Whatever it is, I think will be a direct result of the best style to bring about our writer's screenplay. And as soon as I read that, I will know what that is. Edgy could be a direction, but I don't think it will be applied without really understanding the character's journey from the inside out first and then figuring out the best way to bring that about.

And then as far as the other influences, making it different from the other films, ... I hope we don't react to these very good and sometimes bad superhero movies around us. I hope that we just take ever deeper into the truth of who Peter Parker really is. As a human being and the unique character, and that we celebrate that, which is a lot of the reason I want to make this next picture. I still believe I have an understanding of Peter Parker as the character that I have not quite put onto the screen yet.

I'm not talking about Tobey Maguire's performance, which I very much love; I'm talking about my understanding of the character. I feel like sometimes a kid at the piano recital. And I know this piece really well. I know it by heart. And I sometimes get it right, and sometimes I don't. But I want a chance to really play it the way I feel it. So I'm hoping it's a really good screenplay, and I can express the character through that. I've got a really good writer [David Lindsay-Abaire]. ...
I heard that you wrote Drag Me to Hell [with brother Ivan Raimi] a long time ago, as a Bruce Campbell vehicle. ... If you ever make another Evil Dead movie with Bruce, will you keep it low budget like those original films? And what would the story be?

Raimi: We wrote part one thinking that that was the end, I guess, kind of like that. I think this is the end where it was over, and because we couldn't get any other job in Hollywood, somehow, Bruce Campbell survived into the next Evil Dead 2. So we made Evil Dead 2, and that one was written with the knowledge that we would want to make a third one. So I'm sorry what was it that you are asking?

I was just wondering, what would be your storyline for the fourth one? Do you know what that is yet?

Raimi: I don't have that. I don't have just some ideas written down, but I said that last month, and there was a very negative reaction from the fans: "Why does he keep talking about that movie? Where is that movie?" It's just because people ask me, but I don't really have anything at all worked out right now.

What about the idea of limiting yourself to lower budget for an Evil Dead movie, like on Drag Me to Hell, where you didn't have a lot of cranes, wires, CG and so on?

Raimi: It is it's much more viscerally exciting as a director to work on the lower-budget picture like this. This one particularly. I mean, everyone came at it with so much love and attention to detail, versus a much more professional, top-of-the-line, big-game approach. Which is great, because it's like conducting a big orchestra. On the Spider-Man pictures [we have] the best orchestra in the world, and this is like playing in a jazz band. Each has their own rewards.

Stargate Universe's Ming-Na will play franchise's first open gay member

Ming-Na, one of the regular characters in SCI FI's upcoming Stargate Universe, will play a lesbian, one of two gay characters in the show, Gateworld reported.

"There are at least one and potentially more gay characters on Universe," series creator Robert C. Cooper told fans at the official Vancouver Stargate convention earlier this month, according to the site.

Added executive producer and creator Brad Wright: "There's actually two."
One of those characters is Camille Wray, the I.O.A. representative on board the Destiny, new casting documents reveal, according to the site. The character is played by actress Ming-Na. Her orientation will be revealed in the show's seventh episode, "Life," in which viewers will meet Wray's long-time partner back on Earth, Sharon. The character is listed as a lead guest and possibly recurring.

The creators say other incarnations of Stargate had gay characters, but none that were revealed on screen.

"This goes towards our goal to make the characters on Universe as complex and complicated and realistic and identifiable as we can, to as many people as we can," Cooper said. "And that's not just a desire for ratings. That's the desire to portray humanity and make a show that is saying something about who we are."

Stargate Universe premieres this fall.

Monday, April 20, 2009

*The Company You Keep*.....Tuesday April 21, 2009

As we were growing up most of our parents told us that we would be judged by the people that we hung around with. Once we grew up a large amount of us stopped worrying about that. Our friends were our friends, our coworkers were our coworkers, etc.... If someone had an issue with that then it wasn't our problem.

By the time we got to the point where we were out in the big bad world all by ourselves with all of lifes responsibilities resting on our shoulders, I would hope that we discovered that it wasn't so much that we had to be careful who we hung around with, as it was that we really did need to surround ourselves with those who had a vested interest in our genuine well being.

Last Wednesday I wrote about your support network and I attempted to make it clear how important it is to be in the company of the right people. This is the point of our lives where ours is the only judgement that matters. With all that we have to do responsibility wise and goals wise we can't afford to drag people around with us that have the person in their mirror as the only one that matters in their life.

The most important part of these relationships is that they are not one way. Sometimes you have to take the reigns and take an honest and committed interest in those that love and support you. Don't be a spectator in your own life and most of all be clear that it is much more valuable for you to be the kind of person who is interested rather than interesting.

Thank you


So what do the original Hellraiser stars think about a remake?

Clive Barker, the creator of the original Hellraiser, told fans in Los Angeles over the weekend that he wants the remake to push the envelope even more than he did back in 1987.

"If you are going to remake something, then take it up a notch or 10," Barker said in a panel discussion at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors on Saturday. "Don't just give us the same old same old. On the remake of Hellraiser, I had some suggestions for the guys who revisit the story to keep its integrity but then give it something new. I think you have to."

Barker appeared alongside original stars Ashley Laurence and Doug Bradley for a Hellraiser reunion. Barker, Laurence and Bradley all offered their opinions about the forthcoming remake. The following is an edited version of that conversation.
The movie will get a reboot soon under French director Pascal Laugier (Martyrs). The remake hasn't been shot yet, and Laugier is still writing the script, which will have a very different look and feel for Pinhead.

Barker: We are going to see a remaking of Hellraiser, and I said I would watch over that as the sort of godfather of it, but my first question when Bob Weinstein said he was going to do it was "Why? Was the first one not good enough?" Maybe that's a bit defensive, but it's how I felt, and I put a lot of my heart into that. Yes, of course you can do things with special effects that you couldn't do back then, but there's a part of me that still prefers the 1933 King Kong to the one [Peter Jackson did]. Don't get me wrong, and I don't use this word lightly, but I think Peter Jackson's a genius, and I've seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy 10 or 11 times. They're amazing movies. But I would have preferred he spent two years of his time making something we haven't seen rather than remaking something we have. And when somebody who is a cinematic genius like Jackson comes along, or like [Guillermo] del Toro, they're only on the planet for a certain amount of time, and you want people of that kind of caliber to be using their talents to create new things.

Doug Bradley: Can I paraphrase a line from Hellraiser in relation to this, which is my feeling? No more remakes, please. It's a waste of celluloid.

Ashley Laurence: I actually agree with what you're saying, but I also think the story [Clive] wrote is so important that if it needs to take a new form for another generation, that's OK. I think it's important, and I think it may not be assimilated the same way, so if the essence of the story is there, I think it's OK.

Barker: My thing is that there are some pieces of magic like [Pinhead], for instance, that if they screw up and don't put him in the center of the movie, or they put too much of him in the movie, which is also a mistake ... You know what I mean!

Doug Bradley: My feeling, and this is from meeting 20 years of fans at conventions, is that there is a new generation finding this movie for the first time all of the time, and finding it fresh. It hits them between the eyes and in the pit of their stomach and in the depths of their imagination just as much for an audience 20 years ago when it was first released. It seems to me there is more interest in Hellraiser now than at any time in the last 20 years, and I don't have any sense that the movie has aged. OK, there's a degree of big hair and padded [shoulders] that tells you it's the 1980s, but the genius of what Clive did was with the Cenobites. I've always said you could take the Cenobites out of Hellraiser and you would have a fairly dull but kind of serviceable slasher movie. But the Cenobites in it make the movie ageless and timeless. You can go to the Cenobites in 20, 30, 40, 50 years' time, they will not have aged. They're out of time, and that is, I think, [Clive's] stroke of genius in the movie.


Robert Picardo (the Stargate series) told SCI FI Wire that if all goes according to plan, his guest shot on the upcoming Lost-esque series Persons Unknown may evolve into a recurring role. Picardo similarly leveraged his Stargate SG-1 guest shot as Richard Woolsey into a recurring role on SG-1 and later into a series-regular role on Stargate: Atlantis.

Persons Unknown is a co-production of Fox TV Studios and Televisa, and 13 episodes were filmed in Mexico this past fall. The show will air on Televisa in Mexico and is reportedly being shopped around domestically and elsewhere around the world. SCI FI Wire spoke exclusively to Picardo earlier this month. Following are edited excerpts from that interview.

What can you tell us about Persons Unknown?

Picardo: That's from Chris McQuarrie, who wrote The Usual Suspects. And the executive producer is Remi Aubuchon, who also wrote the Caprica pilot along with Ron Moore. It's reminiscent of the classic Patrick McGoohan series The Prisoner. It's about these people who are strangely abducted and held against their will and are apparently being studied or manipulated. It's a very exotic, paranoid premise for a show. The actors are great. Alan Ruck, an old friend of mine, is one of the main cast members [along with Chadwick Boseman, Gerald Kyd, Kate Lang Johnson and Kandyse McClure from Battlestar Galactica].

You make your first appearance in the last episode. What do you play?

Picardo: I'm a very powerful guy, sort of the power behind the power. I won't even tell you his name, because the name is kind of a placeholder. But it was great to work with [director] Michael Rymer, who did Battlestar Galactica, and I'm hoping the show is picked up in the U.S. It's sold throughout Europe and South America, and I don't know that they have an American buyer yet, but I'm confident they will, because I saw the pilot and it's great.
And you'd be a recurring character if they do more?

Picardo: Yes, if the show goes beyond 13, then I will recur.


David Johnson, writer of the upcoming horror film Orphan, told SCI FI Wire that he liked re-imagining the "evil kid" subgenre as much as he did exploring its conventions.

"I feel like it's mainly opportunity, because the first thing I thought of was 'Oh, the evil kid subgenre. I love that. I'm going to rent every single one of them,'" Johnson said in an exclusive interview Sunday at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles. "[But] for being a full-blown horror subgenre, it's a really tiny number of movies compared to, like, say the number of zombie movies that came out in the last five years. There's the pre-existing idea of the subgenre, but I think that there's still a lot to be done."

Orphan stars Vera Farmiga (The Departed) and Peter Sarsgaard (Jarhead) as parents who adopt a child (played by newcomer Isabelle Fuhrman) only to discover that there's something strange about her. Johnson spoke exclusively with SCI FI Wire before a panel discussion at the Weekend of Horrors, where he and director Jaume Collet-Serra (House of Wax) screened clips of Orphan and talked to fans about the film. The following is an edited version of that interview. Orphan opens July 24.

David, can you provide a little setup for the film? Johnson: It's about a couple. They have two children, they are trying for a third, and the wife has a horrible miscarriage and is unable to have any more children. They have created this place in their family, this place in their heart for a child, and it feels like something's missing, and they decide to adopt an older child, someone who needs them. They're looking to find someone that needs a home, and they sort of open their family to her, and she turns out to not be what they thought she was and exploits the opportunity that she's given.

Where did the idea for this originally come from? Johnson: It's kind of hard to describe without telling too much about the story, but originally a guy named Alex Mace came up with the story. He wrote like a 10-page treatment, and it was just sort of like the introduction to the story, and I'd always had a penchant for [movies like] The Bad Seed—the evil kid sort of subgenre. So I was really turned on by that, and I really just wanted to try and find a way to do the evil kid genre in a way that would seem fresh. I went in to them with the idea, and they took it and they let me finish the story.Was there one or two of the "evil kid" movies that was more inspirational than the others, even if it was one that wasn't done well that gave you ideas to improve upon?
Johnson: I think The Bad Seed is the quintessential evil kid movie. I mean, it casts such a long shadow. You can't get away from it, so of the group [of films], that was the one that sort of inspired me years ago when I first saw it. This is kind of off the wall, and not necessarily a direct connection, but also watched Shadow of a Doubt, because the thing about the evil kid is it's part of your family. It's not like there's a guy in a mask trying to break into my house and kill me; it's like, what if the person that's trying to kill me is good old uncle Charlie sitting across the table from me? So that kind of paranoia inside a family, inside a household, really was more of a direct inspiration than one particular evil kid movie.

As a writer, did you have to tailor it stylistically to what is commercially viable, such as making it more violent or graphic, or were you able to design the film according to your own interests or tastes?

Johnson: There wasn't any indication of trying to make it commercially viable. If some of the extreme, graphic stuff out there did anything, I think it wasn't that we were trying to do something like that, but it definitely set the limits way out there. So you can do something that's crazy, and you're not going to do anything that's near as crazy as the stuff that's out there. I think one of the things that's probably unique for an evil kid movie like this is I think it does go a little bit further than a lot of them have. I love The Bad Seed, I love Rhoda, but she's a cute kid with a penchant for pushing old ladies down stairs, and Esther is more like Hannibal Lecter with pigtails.
Did you think about the way this film was going to be executed, such as if it were gothic or visceral or subject to a certain visual style?

Johnson: I definitely had that in my head, and that gothic sort of feel was in my head. The first time I saw Jaume's visual treatment for what he had in mind, it was like he was inside my head. It was really great.

In terms of the characters, how much of this do you conceive fully and how much do you leave unspecific so that the actors can come create their interpretations of them?
Johnson: To me, it's such a collaborative process, and you know that people are going to come in and bring their own things to it. What I want to do is make the script its own thing, and for me it's an end in and of itself. So I don't tailor things specifically to people, because I have no idea what they're going to come to the table with, and I think it's for the best, because all of the actors came into it with their own thing, and I think they improved everything in ways that I couldn't have possibly


Sunday, April 19, 2009

*What Do You Really Want?"....Monday April, 20, 2009

"I Don't Know" is the usual response to this question. Have you ever noticed that sometimes the easiest questions are the hardest ones to answer? Many of us spend the majority of our lives not really knowing what we want. Some friends might recommend that to start this process you should begin a list of what you don't want which will then narrow down your answers and options. I guest this can help as long as it doesn't move into the ridiculous such as; I don't want to be hit by a car, or I don't want to lose my job, etc.... There aren't very many people that I have met that want these or other things like them.

So how do we find out what we really want? To have your answer matter you first have to know yourself. If you have a good idea of who, not what, you are and what matters to you then you are on the road to success in this venture. It helps if you want things that benefit other people besides yourself, this way you can gain almost instant support, not to mention immense personal power.

Creating power, stability, and happiness and such are directly related to what your passions are. If you dedicate your being to achieving these then you are much closer to figuring out what you want out of life. Love plays a large part in this because your capacity for love will help to guide you to your passions. Human beings want a lot of the same things in life and the degree to which you can commit yourself to them will determine whether they become reality or just another unfulfilled dream.

Thank you...

Return To Sender: A Short Story by Luke Gagnon

Everyday throughout the week the mail would come at exactly 12:00pm. I would be minding my own business deep within my very own house when I would hear the engine sound of that older style car. Usually I would hear the sound and think nothing of it, but lately I had been recieving mail that was not mine to recieve. I thought I would catch the mailman in the act on this spring filled April the 26th, and ask the man why he keeps sending me this mail.

Alone in my house once again, I heard the sound of the older style car crashing down my very street. "This time, he isn't getting away", I thought. I made a dash for the mailbox as he pulled up to my house. His car coming straight for me I stick out my hand and yell "Wait!". The Mailman's car came to a screeching hault. "Excuse me sir", I said, "But why do you keep sending me mail for a Angela G Tyson?", "Just doing my job!", he responded, with a tired look on his face. "Now get out of my way so I can go home!" He demanded. I stepped back and let him pass. "I will get to the bottom of this!" I yelled. There I was, standing next to my mailbox awaiting the fate that only this mailbox could give me. I reach my arm inside to find what mystery I will encounter today. "A note..." I said in a faint voice. "For a Ms. Angela G Tyson", I added. "That's it!" I said, "No longer will this happen to me, I'm going to find out who this Angela G Tyson is and that is THAT!".

Quickly I ran to my house as if I had no time to spare. The first bedroom on the right was mine, and I intended to make it there. As I ran through my bedroom door, I stumbled over my television cable wire sending me soaring into my clothing dresser. Head first I encounter the dresser, and fall to the ground. One by one all of Angela G Tyson's mail fell faintly on my head. There must have been 20 or 30 of them. It was all the mail I had collected for her. I rubbed my head to ease the pain, but the pain was internal for me now, as if each one of these peices of mail were mocking me, TAUNTING ME! I knew then what I had to do. I got up off the ground and headed to my desktop computer. "The Mailman doesn't want to play ball, eh? Well I can find out who she is with or without him", I said with a devilish look on my face. Hours went by as I tried to research Angela, but it wasn't getting me anywhere. I found a site that may be able to solve all of my problems. All I would have to do is send the information I have gathered about Angela and they would send me a complete life history of this girl. I figured it was a start, and maybe my best shot at finding her. I thought to myself "I KNOW! I'll just grab all of her mail, make a run to the mailbox and use the Return to Sender feature by lifting up the red flag on the side". I did just that and noticed it was getting late. I decieded my fate was out of my hands now and in the hands of the mailman and his company. On that note, I retired to my bed.

On this night I had a dream that I would never forget. Throughout the night I would wake up randomly with sweat coming down my face for no reason at all. I remember it as clear as a crystal. In my dream I had woken up with my face pointed directly at the alarm clock. The numbers 4:26am registered in my head as I heard something at the door. I turned very slowly in the darkness of my room to investigate the noise. Lieing in bed I stared at the door. The door was open ever so slightly and I remember to this day what I saw. The silohette of a person with long hair staring me down. I could see the eye that was gazing upon me. That was all I could see. Although I couldn't see my skin I knew it was as pale as the white walls that surrounded my bedroom. Within an instant the shadowy figure was gone. I sprung from my bed frightened. As my fear rose my anger grew stronger. "If someone is in my house, he will not see the night sky in one peice!" I muttered. I opened my bedroom door and made way for the kitchen. The house was pitch black, and that only made my fear and anger grow even stronger. "IF YOU'RE IN MY HOUSE, BE WARNED....I WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO RID YOU FROM IT" I yelled with an overwhelming anger raging throughout my body. Nothing.... No responce, no sound, nothing. Only the darkness that night has given me. I find the light switch and search my house for hours. Nothing! No sign of this myterious being. I figured my words scared him off, and I headed back to bed.

The warmth of the morning sun woke me from my slumber, and at that momment I remembered the night I had. I turn to my bedroom door and make way for the kitchen. My roommate was in the kitchen making his morning breakfast. "Morning, Daniel!" I said. "Good day sir, how are you doing today?" he responded. "Not good actually, I had this very odd dream. I dreamt someone had broken into our house and was staring at me through my door" I said. "Do you think it means something" he said. "What do you mean?" I responded. "Sometimes dreams are warnings, or messages that fate is trying to send you", he stated. "No I think I have just been overly stressed lately" I responded. As I responded to Daniel I looked over and the screen door of the kitchen, it had been unlocked. Just then I remembered Daniel has long red hair. Not thinking much of it I decided to head to work. All day at work that dream taunted me. It was all I could think of.

Weeks had gone by since that dream and the day I had sent back all of angela's mail to it's sender. I would get dreams that were simular to the first but not the exact same. One night I had dreamt someone was walking on my roof and I investigated the person but noone was there. Night after night these dreams would haunt me. I decided I would call in sick for the next day and sleep in. I had not been getting the sleep that I had needed and now I would. I woke up the next day not to the morning sun but to the sound of an older style car coming down my street. It was the Mailman! Finally my questions would be answered. Finally I would know the truth. I got dressed and ran to the mailbox where the mailman had just pulled his car away from. I tried to open the mailbox ever so slowly but the box was full of envolpes. Flowing out of the mailbox one by one the mail hit the ground. I tried to catch as many as I could before they hit the ground. Ravaging through the mail I noticed they were all for Angela G Tyson. "Why!? why do you leave this burden upon me, what have I done to deserve this!?" I yelled. As I finished the sentence, I notice one peice of mail wasn't for Angela but had been for me. It was the human history letter I was waiting for. I couldn't wait to get the burden off my back so I opend the mail right there in the street, and this is what it said: Dear Mr. Gagnon, we have recovered the history on a Angela G Tyson and to answer your question as to who she was...She lived in your house before you and the mail you are recieving is mail that was intended for her when she lived there. As to where she lives now, that's the thing..She doesn't. Angela was murdered in 1898 by her step father. He would kill the neighbors and store their bodies in the attic, but one day Angela caught him in the act and he murdered her so she woudn't tell. She never had the chance to change her living address and you have been receiving her mail.

I took a momment to reflect on this new information, and headed for the house. I headed for my bedroom so I could rest on my bed. I fell on my bed with my head facing the ceiling. I started to think. "What if those dreams weren't actually dreams at all, what if....." before I could finish the sentence I heard a noise at my door and I angled my head toward it. The door was open ever so slightly and there standing right before me with one eye staring me down, was...ANGELA G TYSON!


*Richard Speaks Out* Earlier Topics

Just in case you are interested in my new series "Richard Speaks Out" you should know that I began writing them on Monday April, 13, 2009. If you would like me to send you any of the previous topics that don't appear on this blog site just email me.

The topics are: "Your Word In The Universe"....."Your Image In The World"....."Do You Have A Network?"....."Say Goodbye To Yesterday"....."Passion".....and "If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail".

Thank you very much,

*Origins - Wolverine* ...The Movie

Opens: May 1, 2009
Runtime: 1 hr. 37 min.
Rated: NR
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber,
Genre: Action/Adventure, SciFi/Fantasy

Synopsis:Leading up to the events of X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe..

*Competition* Sunday April, 19, 2009

The Encarta Dictionary defines "competition" as the process of try to beat others. In the real world maybe this is true, yet in the realm of building relationships or personal growth, this definition could not be further from the truth.

We expect there to be winners and losers in all competitions. Sports, Politics, Contests, Business and much more are places where things would be quite boring without having a distinct winner and loser.

This is all well and good except that there is a level that lives far below the surface. It is a place where we create the power and energy to enroll in life's struggles to compete. As we grow and move ahead, we come to realize that in most cases we can't go it alone. We need other people for love, support, companionship, etc.... The development of these components cannot be achieved effectively by having winners and losers. You see, my friends, the bottom line secret to this process succeeding is that *EVERYBODY MUST WIN*.

Things become so much more empowering when you make sure that you and your comrades win. We all win together or all lose together. Many would dispute this and yes this is just the opinion of this humble writer, yet in my experience when you join hands with those in your support group or network you find that there is little that can't be achieved and when this happens.........................EVERYBODY DOES WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for you time..........