Sunday, June 7, 2009

20+ People Want To Know What Happens To Jason!!!

20+ People have shared with me that they can't wait to find out what happens to Jason Tredmore. He is the main character in my upcoming novel "Strolok".
Currently the book is going through its final edit and will be unveiled by the time I attend Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia in September. (link on this page)
The Prologue is here for your enjoyment and to my loyal visitors I am going to share the Synopsis with you. Here it is:
This is the story of a planet named “Strolok”. The inhabitants of this planet are far advance in literature, culture and education. The scope of the planet includes lush vegetation, beautiful, futuristic buildings, and scientific advancements that would challenge your hunger for knowledge. These are a peaceful people who whenever called upon to assist another planet’s population, never shy away from lending a helping hand.
Unfortunately the time for Strolok to request assistance has arrived in the form of a future threat by a warrior faction known as the Traguul. The members of this race are despicable and care not for the well being of others. When they inhabit a planet they decimate its natural resources until there is little left to support and feed their race. As soon as their planet reaches almost critical levels, they search for a new planet to take over where they can begin their life process all over again. If the chosen planet is inhabited then they develop a virus to unleash on the unsuspecting people, which cause their internal organs to fuse, leading to death by suffocation.
With the leaders of Strolok having been alerted to this potential destruction, they send an emissary to Earth in the form of a young boy to gain the assistance of their people in developing an antidote to the virus.
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